Good Friday and the Texas License to Carry

Today is Good Friday on the Christian calendar and it gets one to thinking about the Texas license to carry and what (perhaps) would Jesus do if he had one. Of course Jesus would not have had a license to carry in Texas. He would have had a license to carry in Roman occupied Palestine. Moreover, the firearm would not have been invented at the time Jesus walked the earth but we can certainly suspend our disbelief as to that detail. One might even ask if there were any laws in effect as to the carrying of any type of weapon in that particular time and place.


The first question I can think of asking is would the possibility that Jesus legally carrying a firearm have an impact on the events commemorated by Good Friday? On one hand, according to the canonical gospel accounts Jesus willingly gave himself up to the authorities to be crucified. As such, if he happened to be legally carrying a firearm at the time of his arrest this probably would not have impacted the events as recorded. The authorities would probably have confiscated the firearm even though they would not know what the object actually was.

On the other hand, let us suppose that Jesus did not want to willingly hand himself over to the authorities whilst he had a legal firearm in his possession. One can easily picture him using this firearm to defend himself against the Roman soldiers and the Jewish Temple guards. The sound of a firearm would likely be very unfamiliar to the people of the time. It is not unreasonable to assume that the crowd would disperse upon hearing the discharge of the firearm. We can then picture our Lord calmly walking away.